What do s the constant proportionality in the equation y= 5x

Accepted Solution

5 is the proportionality constant in the given equationStep-by-step explanation:There are two types of proportionDirect proportionIndirect ProportionIn direct proportion, the increase or decrease in one quantity also cause increase or decrease in other quantity.IT can be mathematically written as:y∝xWhen the proportionality symbol is removed, proportionality constant is introducedy=kxHere k is the proportionality constantIf we compare the general form with the given equation y=5xThen we can see that k=5Hence,5 is the proportionality constant in the given equationKeywords: Proportion, ConstantLearn more about proportion at:brainly.com/question/2977815brainly.com/question/3071107#LearnwithBrainly