Select Proportional or Not Proportional to correctly classify each pair of ratios 3/7 and 8/28

Accepted Solution

Answer:Not Proportional.Step-by-step explanation:We are given a pair of fractions/ratios 3/7 and 8/28.We need to check if 3/7 and 8/28 are in proportion or not.In order to check if those are in proportion, we need to convert both denominators as same denominator.Second fraction 8/28 has 28 in it's denominator.Let us convert denominator of 3/7 as 28.In order to convert denominator 7 as 28, we need to multiply top and bottom of fraction 3/7 by 4, we get[tex]\frac{3 \times 4}{7 \times 4} = \frac{12}{28}[/tex]We can see that 12/28 β‰  2/28.Therefore, pair of ratios 3/7 and 8/28 are Not Proportional.