Harley graphs a polygon that is located entirely inside quadrant I. He rotates the figure clockwise 90° about the origin and thenreflects the rotated figure over the x-axis. He translates the resulting figure 3 units to the left and 3 units up. Which best describesthe location of the final image?quadrantiquadrant IIabove the x-axisleft of the y-axis

Accepted Solution

Answer:Above the x-axisStep-by-step explanation:Lets assume a polygon that has coordinates at A(3,2), B(3,4),C(6,4),D(6,2).This polygon is in the 1st quadrantso rotate it clockwise 90° about the origin, you apply the rule that point of object (h,k) will change to (k,-h) hence A (3,2) ⇒A'(2,-3)B (3,4) ⇒ B'(4,-3)C (6,4) ⇒C' (4,-6)D (6,2) ⇒D' (2,-6)the image is in the 4th quadrantReflecting the rotated figure on the x-axis we getA''=(2,3)B''=(4,3)C''=(4,6)D''=(2,6)it is on the 1st quadrantThe translation is(-3,3)The image will beA'''=(-3+2,3+3) = (-1,6)B'''=(-3+4,3+3)= (1,6)C'''=(-3+4,6+3)= (1,9)D'''=(-3+2,6+3)= (-1,9)the final figure above x-axis