12.George is a salesperson in a jewelry store and earns $100 per week, plus 10% of his weekly sales. If George makes $425 in one week , what are his sales for that week?a. $5,250b. $4,250c. $4,000d. $3,25014. The owner of a computer store received a shipment of computers at a cost of $319.85 each. If he sells the computers for $412.99 each , what is the percent of markup? Round to the nearest whole percent a. 23%b. 29%c. 77%d. 79%16. Find the final balance in an account with $660 invested at 3.5% annual simple interest for five years.a. $23.10b. $115.50c. $683.10d. $775.50 my answers but please check anyways !12) d14) b16) d

Accepted Solution

The answers in order are
D. $3250
B. 29%
C. $683.10

I know the first two are correct but not sure about the third
Let me know if you have any other questions ☺β™₯