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A variety of approaches have been taken over many years for a number of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Motor Neurone Disease (ALS), CJD etc.

There is currently no known cure for any of these invariably fatal conditions. A useful resource with regards to the topic of neurodegeneration can be accessed by clicking here. This contains a number of informative PowerPoint presentations.

CJD Alliance firmly believe that much can be learned from disciplines and approaches being taken from other more common conditions out with that of CJD. 

As such, Science Commons, NeuroCommons and of course, Creative Commons come to our minds. 




One critical issue that very much has to be overcome when thinking of putative treatments for conditions like CJD is a better understanding of the infectious agent itself and the pathogenesis of the disease. As such, the more that is generally known about such fundamental issues should result in a better understanding of potential therapeutic approaches.

The three main stages in developing therapies are generally:

1)      In-Vitro (test tube, cell cultures)
2)      In-Vivo (within a living organism/animal)
3)      Clinical Trials/Use in Humans

In CJD terms, research is ongoing on all three fronts. With regards to Clinical Trials, the compound Quinacrine has been assessed (now USA only for some reason is still trialling as all other trials have failed in human terms across the world) and patients who have received Pentosan Polysulphate (PPS) continue to be monitored but only after BBC media coverage forced and forced factual data out by ordinary family members.


Visitors of this website may be interested in this working document/presentation in terms of the broad CJD landscape. The original version was presented at a CJD Conference in 2005 and continues to be updated as the science progresses to the best of our knowledge.


A resource in this (treatment issues) regard can be found on the website of the UK’s National CJD Surveillance Unit’s (NCJDSU) website

After 18 months of waiting, also see this Paper published March 2008 by Prof Ian Bone in the European Journal of Neurology and also now this Editorial in the same Journal.

For some background, see for example Turnbull et al 2002

A number of papers have been published with regards to these compounds. Abstracts of these can easily be found by searching through the PubMed website.


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